How to test your Marimba Lumina mallets...

Hold the mallet handle horizontally and place it parallel to the bar.

Hover 1/8" over the middle of the bar. Watch the color of the LED associated with that mallet. (On the 3.5 those LED are above the bottom octave, on the 2.5 they are near the LED display.) Now rotate the mallet over the bar like a wheel on an axle. The LED should not go out as you rotate.

There are a couple ways to test the center coil. Either can give you a false impression, so try both:

1. With the mallet perpendicular to the center of a bar, the horizontal mallet handle spells a "T" with the bar. Now slide the mallet as if doing a glissando. There should not be a lot of dead space between the bars. The LED should only flicker from one bar to the next. (You must be in the center of the bars.)

2. Also, the LED should go out when the mallet handle is placed vertical to the center of the bar, as if stabbing the instrument from above. (I'll get pictures up soon.)

If you are unsure, consider sending them in for reconditioning. I will test them before I re-cover them.