Absolute Deviation announces the "Quicksilver for Marimba Lumina" adapter: the first upgrade kit to existing Marimba Lumina 2.5's and 3.5's.

IF you own an older marimba lumina, A simple kit is available that radically improves performance of the Marimba Lumina.

• Double stops (strikes with 2 mallets at the same time) and especially four mallet strikes will sound much tighter.

• Multiple channel layers will sound much tighter.

As an added benefit you'll also get:

• Much quicker response of the editing menu.

• Much quicker changes from program to program.

• Much quicker writing to and from memory and memory cards. AND ALL YOUR OLD PROGRAMS STILL WORK!

Not only that, but if there are any changes, operating system updates will be available for download or uploadable via MIDI sysex messages or memory cards.

What you won't get:

• It won't make you play better; but it might make you sound better. You might just play those grooves a little tighter than before.

• If you truly only play one mallet at a time and you rarely edit the instrument or change programs, you might not notice a significant difference in performance response. You can keep using your old OS and ignore this upgrade.

But why?:

"I thought the Lumina was really responsive?" you say. Indeed it is, but due to budget and design concerns when the initial instruments were made, the CPU that converted the gestures into meaningful MIDI information was already a few years old. This CPU can sometimes get overwhelmed with data and the milliseconds will start to add up. This CPU was never made available with faster clock speeds.

A new CPU required significant hardware and software modifications. So a scheme was devised to plug a small circuit board with the new CPU directly into the old socket. It's a 4x speed improvement. It's been working reliably in every system it's been installed in.

Why "Quicksilver"?

Mercury, commonly known as "quicksilver", was thought to have curative and life extending properties. Mercury is also known as the god of speed (and commerce). The 3.5 model of the Marimba Lumina was originally known as the "silver" edition.


See current cost on ACCESSORIES page.

The Macintosh Quicksilver software accessory has no relationship with this hardware for your instrument.