About Absolute Deviation...

Who is Absolute Deviation?

Absolute Deviation was founded by long-time Buchla technician and musician, Joel Davel. Joel has worked for Don Buchla since 1993. In Don's words: "Coordinating hardware development and helping with sound design, Joel Davel contributed his talents to just about every aspect of the project, including printed circuit design, beta testing, and sound design." Joel is a percussionist. The flexibility of the Marimba Lumina has allowed him to make the instrument his primary tool of expression. It only makes sense for Joel to continue supporting his own primary instrument. See www.isproductions.com/joel for more info or follow him on Facebook

Who do I contact to Get A Marimba Lumina?

Contact joel (at) absolutedeviation.com about immediate availability. You may also put down a fully-refundable 50% deposit on a Marimba Lumina 3.5. (Recent customers have included Jon Fishman of Phish.)

Unlike the Buchla Lightning, 200e series and the Music Easel, the Marimba Lumina is not a product of Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. See Buchla.com for those

Example Videos

Videos of demos of Marimba Lumina as used with Kontakt and Ableton Live can be seen on Joel's YouTube channel.. These will be updated regularly.


The Marimba Lumina recieved an Electronic Musician 2001 Editors Choice award.